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Smile and say security: Video surveillance as a service

  • Our Managed Video Surveillance service assists with the end-to-end management of your camera network, with flexible commercial options so you can deploy on your own terms
  • Live, remote access to surveillance feed and advanced analytics allows you to detect and respond to threats faster
  • Smart cameras are contributing to greater contextual awareness through the convergence of cyber and electronic security data sources. 

As Australian businesses grapple with the need to keep their business and data secure, more and more are integrating advanced electronic security devices to improve their awareness.

The electronic security industry is already undergoing a massive shift, as manufacturers and security teams alike grapple with the additional opportunities and challenges that accompany the move away from analogue devices to connected systems.

However, due to this explosion in connected devices, we found in the Telstra Security Report 2018 that over 99 per cent of Australian cyber security professionals are now sharing responsibility for electronic security within their organisation.

While many organisations are grappling with the need to ensure cyber and electronic security professionals have the skills to cope with the expanded responsibilities, leaders are increasingly appreciating the opportunity this represents to improve their organisation’s security awareness by integrating the data generated by modern electronic security devices into their overall organisational awareness.

Time for a switch

Across Australia, businesses face the need to replace many of their electronic security devices, as the PSTN and copper network cables underpinning their traditional security cameras and alarms are replaced by the NBN.

As part of this switch, businesses are embracing the opportunities offered by modern surveillance systems, such as automated alerts and analytics leveraging smart technologies like facial recognition, people counting, license plate recognition and queue management.

In the security report, we found that enthusiasm is particularly high among Australian security professionals, with 61% looking into new video monitoring technology and 58% considering biometric and other security sensors to boost security.

However, these additional capabilities have also introduced additional complexity to the installation, management and maintenance of surveillance cameras – making it a potentially expensive undertaking for organisations.

Managed Video Surveillance

While the security report found that security budgets are set to increase into 2019 as boards and executive leaders recognise the key business risk security breaches represent, for many security teams it remains difficult to secure the upfront capital expenditure needed to replace legacy systems.

To overcome this, organisations are embracing managed services for physical security, such as our new Managed Video Surveillance, which brings together our world-class networking expertise with our unique understanding of the benefits of converged security.

The service provides end-to-end management of video surveillance network, from design and installation through to maintenance, monitoring and support for day-to-day use, leveraging a flexible business model which reduces the upfront cost of replacing legacy devices.  

“Our customers have told us that they’re looking for someone who can manage their video surveillance capability,” says Tamora Wells, Head of Electronic Security Products at Telstra. 

“They know it's not their core competency, but it is for us, and they want to be able to consume it on a per monthly basis, as part of their broader security budget.”

“Our unique ability to tie together all the network connectivity, scalable cloud services and technical services can dramatically simplify their video management – particularly when among enterprise customers who are managing very large networks across geographically diverse sites. No one does regional connectivity like we do." 

"Our unique ability to tie together all the network connectivity, scalable cloud services and technical services can dramatically simplify video surveillance management."

Tamora Wells, Head of Electronic Security Products at Telstra.

Integrated video intelligence

Facial recognition, smart alerts and license plate recognition remain the most sought-after analytics from modern video surveillance, but despite the prevalence of security professionals sharing responsibilities for cyber and electronic security, most organisations are only just beginning their journey towards convergence.

This means there’s no cross-industry approach and most businesses still require a bespoke solution to integrate these new analytics into your businesses systems. We based our managed video surveillance on open-platform video management systems, owing to their ability to be quickly tailored to work both with a variety of security platforms.

In addition to more traditional security use cases, such as tying facial recognition into a venue’s black list – the open platform’s flexibility allows it to be integrated into more operational solutions, such as linking a boutique’s facial recognition capabilities to a CRM system which tracks the preferences of their most valuable customers or the devices in a smart building.

“One of our founding customers in this product was a regional council with cameras set up on a bridge leading out of the shire, so were able to upgrade them to IP cameras which can run licence plate recognition analytics,” says Wells.

“By tying these new cameras into our platform, the council’s staff can now trace the cars coming and going at a glance and are able to fact-check these records back to the original recording.”

While this new connectivity represents an opportunity to optimise your security operations and gain actionable business intelligence, connecting your business’ surveillance systems to the internet introduces another security risk which needs to be managed. 

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